To combat the winter blues, FDM organised a #MondayMovement event, where FDMers across the globe came together to join CA Recruitment Consultant, Emily Canning, in a 30-minute Yin Yoga session. If you’d like to see more events like this, please let us know! 

Check out the below tips from our CEO on how to maintain a positive mental health:

Healthy thinking and positive self-talk 
•    Observe your self-talk: Try to move away from self-criticism to self-acceptance. Start by following one simple rule: don't say anything to yourself that you wouldn't say to anyone else 
•    Begin your day right: Start your day with a positive affirmation 
•    Ignore the noise: Recognize that our brains are wired to put more weight behind negative aspects over positive ones

Stay active while remote working 
•    Find an activity you enjoy doing: It can be anything from going on a walk or going for a run to attending a virtual dance class
•    Schedule your workouts: It’s important to create consistency and structure to your day  
•    Do regular stretches throughout the day: Practice regularly getting up and stretching for a few minutes
•    Go for walks each day: Step away from your remote work station and go for a walk – even if it is just for 10 minutes of fresh air

FDM has resources available to you for additional support. Please contact your local People Team for more information.
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