March 2021 marks the yearlong anniversary of Covid-19 being officially declared a pandemic, propelling a shift to remote working across the entire organisation essentially overnight. In roughly one year, we have seen an effective vaccine created, approved and distributed to millions of people worldwide. I have recently received my vaccination, and I encourage you to get yours once resources have been made available to you in your region.
I am happy to announce that due to the hard work from our Sales teams and our consultants who have exercised patience and faith in our ability to place them, we’ve reduced our global beached number by half since the start of the furlough period in March 2020. With this, please stay tuned for April’s FDM Connect, where we will highlight the winners of the global Emmy awards, an honorary recognition aimed to highlight Account Managers from across the business who have made extraordinary efforts to place and support FDM consultants.

Finally, in recognition of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, and on behalf of the FDM Board of Directors, thank you to all of our amazing FDM women who continue to have a monumental impact on our organisation. FDM recognises the unique experiences and perspectives that women bring to our workplace, and we will continue to provide an inclusive environment which allows our employees to fully unlock their potential, regardless of their gender.

Best Wishes, 

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