Dear FDMers,

Whilst we continue to navigate new ways of working, I want to ask all of you to consider how best you can contribute to creating an inclusive working environment. In a time where many people are feeling isolated, it has never been more important to connect with one another and create a welcoming space, so please take a look at the top tips below and engage with your colleagues virtually.

1. Turn your video on
2. Be deliberate in your inclusion 
3. Engage with global colleagues 
4. Utilise the ‘Chat’ function and other assistive technologies 
5. Set an agenda and share it before the call 
6. Mute yourself when appropriate but don’t stay on mute 
7. Join an employee network or be an ally

A lot of relationship building is based on visual communication and when you can put a face to a name, or can read body language in conjunction with audio, you can build better relationships with colleagues responding more positively. Therefore, I’d like to make a personal request that you turn your video on whilst participating in video conferences, virtual meetings and training. There are many advantages to being able to see one another and I want to ensure that we are enabling a collaborative, trusting and productive working environment at all times regardless of whether an employee is based in an FDM centre, on client-site or working remotely.

With kind regards,

Rod Flavell
CEO, FDM Group
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