Meet Antonio Rodriguez, Charlotte, North Carolina based Consultant Peer Support Ambassador. CPS Ambassadors around the globe are available to support fellow consultants placed with their client. They will answer questions on the work environment, company policies and give information on what to expect for consultants transitioning from FDM Academies or alternate placements. Their goal is to create a sense of community by establishing a relationship with their peers. 
“I was born and raised in Normal, Illinois, where very early on in life I learned the importance of teamwork and community through my involvement in several sports. Prior to my career with FDM, I was an Academic Advisor at my university where I helped other students find a major that aligns with their passion. I assisted students in getting back on track and did what I could to support them in making the most out of their time in university. I think this goes hand-in-hand with the mission of CPS Ambassadors; to utilise our experiences as FDM consultants to offer insight to new consultants as they enter client sites around us.

After living in Normal, Illinois for 22 years, I relocated to Austin, TX to train in FDM’s Java stream. Soon after training I relocated to Charlotte, NC where my placement is today. Starting from scratch anywhere is not easy, and there’s something reassuring about having a peer support programme with fellow consultants that facilitates a more open connection. We, as CPS Ambassadors, create an inviting environment for our peers to ask all questions they may have, from office talk to personal talk, and beyond. We are working to strengthen our FDM consultant community through virtual events and happy hours amidst the lockdown.

I connect with consultants weekly to stay in touch and sustain group chats, all while looking to include everyone in potential activities outside of the workplace to develop those personal relationships, as well as keeping in touch via virtual chatrooms during the lockdown. I believe having someone to contact for help and advice not just about work, but also life outside of the office, especially someone who is out there on-site with you, is an invaluable asset to the FDM consultant experience.”

For more information on the Consultant Peer Support initiative, please contact your Consultant Experience team on SAP JAM.
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