Amidst the pandemic, we are finding new ways to collaborate and work together in both the physical and digital world.  Aligned to the new Academy Vision & Strategic Plan, we are using this unexpected event to move forward in delivering training in an agile environment. 
Prior to COVID-19, our Toronto Academy has been working on multi-group projects,  where the ITSM (Technical Operations) stream uses Business Analysis (BA) to gather requirements and Agile Project Management (APM) to work with the Java streaITDm in building the project. 
Two of North America’s trainers, Sandi Astras (US) and Deborah Peterson (CA), have completed running a virtual, cross-border Business Analysis class by combining New York and Toronto-based ITSM classes. 

The process began as trainers came together to determine what the project will be prior to the start of the class, embedding the requirements document exercise in the course curriculum, along with daily lectures. In the same week, the class was tasked with presenting their requirements to Java and APM trainers, while continuing to work together through the following week holding daily scrums and determining the next course of action.  

It has been amazing watching trainees across different regions work and collaborate as one cohesive team. A big thanks to all involved for making this such a positive experience for FDM’s trainees! 
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