In celebration of London Tech Week, we hosted yet another FDM Tech Week - UK Edition with new exciting virtual sessions to boost digital skills and learn more about the future of technology.
Our CEO, Rod Flavell joined the TechUK Talks session around boosting jobs and skills for the future. They talked about what the government, education system and businesses can do to create destinations for people to get into tech. Rod was joined by Cheryl Allen of Atos, Sarah of Micro Focus and  Hannah Cornick of BT.
Our COO, Sheila Flavell (centre) facilitated The Future of Work Summit Fireside Chat with input from Gori Yahaya, CEO of UpSkill Digital and Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera. They shared their thoughts on what it takes to build a technology driven training and development programme. 
Feedback from the session attendees:
“I had the opportunity to attend two webinars by FDM Group where the uses of Excel were discussed. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and it was a great learning curve. I would like to thank the presenters for guiding me through a practical demonstration.”
“FDM Tech Week – UK Edition has been exceptionally rewarding for me as a tech newbie. The four eye-opening sessions brought me through both the basic usage and application of Excel, HTML and Python. It might take a while for me to pick up these skills, but I am very glad that FDM Group held these introductory classes.”
Amid London Tech Week, Sheila Flavell was awarded the Career Recognition Award of the DIT European Tech Women Awards 2020 and she was invited to join the other winners in a session with Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Italy, Jill Morris. Congratulations, Sheila!
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