"I am a Mentor because I learn so much through our discussions and I feel it is really important to provide a safe space to help people to explore their development and growth." 
– Paula Leach 
Chief People Officer
The Benefits of Mentoring
FDM has a mentoring programme that is designed to support all FDM employees with the development of soft and technical skills. If you are interested in joining please email Mentoring@fdmgroup.com  

Mentee benefits
•    Develop strengths and work on areas of development 
•    Advance your skills and knowledge 
•    Objective sounding board 
•    Networking opportunities 
•    Constructive feedback 
•    Learn from those with more experience

Mentor benefits
•    Work on your communication skills 
•    Exposure to new ideas and approaches 
•    Develop feedback and leadership skills 
•    Share knowledge and experience 
Photos by Christina Morillo and Nappy from Pexels

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