We invited a professional guest therapist to host an informative session regarding the effects 2020 has had on society and overall mental health. 

Through this open discussion, FDMers shared similar feelings around shifts in mental health throughout 2020, ultimately paving the way to a more positive 2021. Here are some key takeaways we learnt from this event:
Many noticed a difference in eating habits due to the change in routine, neglecting breakfast and overeating in the afternoons and evenings as a result. Change this by taking the time to make your breakfast before beginning work or purchase alternative grab-and-go options. Limit ordering out to one time a week. 

Changes in energy levels 
The phases of adjusting to lockdown have impacted energy and activity levels. Start reflecting your energy levels in a journal. You can review your progress, prioritise your daily structure and see how you adjust. 

Transitioning to an in-person work environment 
It’s important to discuss return-to-work expectations with your line manager, that way you are prepared to condition your routine when it’s time to return to the office. Be patient with yourself as well as others as we all go through this transition period. 

There are wellbeing resources available to you on Yammer.
Want to see more events like this? Let us know.

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